About Pure Spa

Madeline started Pure Spa because she wanted a place where both women and men could learn about the care of their skin and receive treatments in a comfortable atmosphere.  Many people have never experienced skin treatments and as a result feel intimidated by the day spa atmosphere.  Our goal at Pure Spa is to educate our clients on the health of their skin through a relaxing, and results-oriented treatment in the comfort of our relaxing treatment rooms.  Since opening, Pure Spa expanded many times over the years and now we are back to our roots, and specialize in Advanced skincare treatments and specialized hair care.  Pure Spa is made up of licensed and dedicated professionals that have a passion for what they do, offering you the best through custom-tailored professional treatments and specialized home care.

Pure Spa is open by appointment.  Reservations should be made in advance to ensure the availability of treatments.

All treatments will end on time in consideration of the next guest.  Late arrival will result in an adjustment to your treatment.

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Meet The Team


Madeline Kingsbury
Owner of Pure Spa
Licensed Esthetician

Chelsea Johnson

Chelsea Codorniz
Licensed Cosmotologist