Amazing Eyes

The eyes are one of the most important features that we display to the world around us.  The thin, delicate skin around the eyes requires special attention and care.  We are very lucky that we live in an era where effective tools and treatments exist to help us treat this important area of the body.

FINE LINES/DRY SKIN AROUND THE EYES: Fine lines are the most common issue affecting the eye area.  People in their 20s and 30s seek ways to prevent this common complaint, while those in their 40s and above seek to treat them.  Fine lines are due to repetitive muscle movement, as well as dryness and dehydration.  A good moisturizing eye cream or serum will do wonders for both preventing and treating fine lines.  Dry skin is often the result of being negligent with home care products.  The most dehydrated skin is usually around the eyes.  harsh cleansers, as well as eyemakeup removers used around the eyes without the proper moisturizer applied directly after, will result in dry, dehydrated eye skin, causing or exasperating most eye concerns.

CROWS FEET/DEEP WRINKLES:  Crow’s feet and deeper lines require more in-depth treatment.  Chemical peels, microcurrent, as well as the correct combination of eye products will do wonders for stopping deep lines in their tracks as well as possibly repairing the damage.  Peels are very effective for the entire face, but when used correctly around the eyes, as a profession treatment, they turn the delicate eye skin over, bringing plump, fresh skin to the surface.  Microcurrent relaxes deep lines and lifts the muscles around the eye and brow to repair damage.   The most important key to repairing deep lines around the eyes, is to use, religiously, the correct combination of eye serums and creams on a daily basis.

DARK CIRCLES:  Dark circles are one of the hardest eye issues to treat.  Sometimes darkness around the eyes is due to heredity. When this is the case, treatments to conceal the discoloration is are possible.  When dark circles are due to allergies or lack of sleep, then treatments and products to alleviate sluggish circulation and boost brightness in the skin under the eyes are very effective.  Vitamin C, licorice root, vitamin K and caffeine, as well as Microcurrent are all very effective means to do this.  Vitamin C helps to strengthen the cell wall, protecting against leakage.  Vitamin K helps to lighten the skin and move stagnant blood.

PUFFY EYES:  Puffiness, or “bags” under the eyes are another difficult problem to treat, but can be done.  Puffiness can result from medical issues, due to allergies, medications, diet and thyroid issues.  Lymphatic massage around the eyes can help to drain excess fluid and alleviate puffiness.   Tightening eye creams can also do wonders for minimizing the appearance of puffiness and swelling under the eyes.  Microcurrent is an amazingly effective treatment, as it helps to drain excess fluid, as well as tighten the muscles around the eyes.

DROOPY LIDS: As skin ages, sagging of the skin beneath the brow can give a “droopy eye” appearance.  Microcurrent, once again, is one of the top non-invasive ways to treat droop lids.  It tightens and lifts the muscles around the eyes, thus lifting the eyelid.  By tightening the muscles, the skin has no choice but to follow.  There are also amazing eye products on the market now that are specifically made for the lid to help tighten and alleviate “crepe-y” skin.

You may notice that one treatment is recurring throughout this article to treat many if not all of the common concerns about the skin around the eyes, and that is Microcurrent.  Please see our article on Microcurrent for more information of this amazing treatment.



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