Amazing Eyes

The eyes are one of the most important features that we display to the world around us.  The thin, delicate skin around the eyes requires special attention and care.  We are very lucky that we live in an era where effective tools and treatments exist to help us treat this important area of the body.…

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Peptides in Skincare

Peptides and how they’re changing the face of skincare. The word peptide is becoming more and more familiar in daily conversation.  it seems that it is in more and more skin care lines and products, but what exactly are they, and what can they do for the skin? What are peptides? Physically, peptides are short…

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Hyperpigmentation Causes and Treatment Options

Hyperpigmentation Hyperpigmentation is an increase of melanin, the natural substance that gives skin its color and pigment, causing darkening of the skin. This is a good thing, as it helps to shade the skin from the sun, but it also is one of the biggest skin complaints out there. When asked what a client’s biggest complaint about their…

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